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(Interrupted Waltz)


unlimited number of pairs in circle facing ballroom direction, short arm hold


waltz step throughout, beginning with outer feet


Bar 1 to 4: Dancing forward and swaying the arms forward and backward followed by a quick half turn to each other

Bar 5 to 8: Dancing backward in ballroom direction with swinging arms

Bar 9 to 16: Waltzing round the circle

This is repeated until the music stops playing.

Description in detail


boy takes left hand of partner with his right hand; girl’s left hand is in her partner’s upward facing right palm, elbows bent approx. 90°. Outside hands hang loose.


Usually the music plays an introduction of a few bars, during which the inner arms are lowered to get ready to sway.


Bar 1 to 4: Outside feet begin, one waltz step to each beat.(1st step bigger than the other two, the latter nearly in position) First the inner arms are swung forward, then backward, and once more forward and backward. Automatically the body of the dancers sways slightly to the right and left with this movement.

Bar 4: At the 4th waltz step, while the arms are swinging backward, the dancers turn inward by 180° and drop their hands at the end of the bar.

Bar 5: Simultaneously the new inner hands are taken.

Bar 5 to 8: Waltz steps backwards, beginning with inner feet. The dancers continue moving in ballroom direction. The inner arms swing forward, backward, forward and backward again. At the 4th step the partners turn to each other and take ballroom hold.


  • Raimund Zoder, Österr.Volkstänze, 2.Teil, Nr.7
  • Translated by Sissy Banner, Amstetten/NÖ, Austria


Here is a MP3.



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