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(Marching Polka)


unlimited number of pairs in ballroom direction, inside hands joined, arms hanging


walking steps and two step polka (Zweischrittdreher)


Bar 1 - 2: Beginning with outside feet partners walk forward three steps and sway inner arms forward slightly above waist height. With a fourth step in position partners turn to each other swaying arms backward and dropping them.

Bar 3 - 4: Partners take ballroom hold or closed dance hold and dance two turns with 4 steps. Finally inside hands have to be taken again, slightly swaying backward to be ready for the next swaying forward.

Nowadays a new dance hold is common, which avoids changing the hold of hands:

In that case the hands need not be dropped at the end of bar 2. The boy lays his right hand with partners left hand on her back in waist height. At the same time he takes her right hand with his left and lays them on his own back in waist height.

This is repeated until the music stops playing Note: For beginners it is recommended to do only one turn with 4 steps concentrating on achieving the correct position needed for the next set at the end of the 4th bar.


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  • Translated by Sissy Banner, Amstetten/NÖ, Autria


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