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Knödldrahner (Dumpling Turner)


unlimited number of pairs in ballroom direction, cross hands hold right over left


running steps, 1st beat of every bar slightly accented but not stamped (bar 1-12)


Bar 1 - 4: Beginning with outside feet 12 running steps forward, moderately advancing. The accentuation of 1st beat is done by a slight flex of the knee. With the 12th step partners turn to each other half a turn without releasing hands, so that they look against ballroom direction.

Bar 5 – 8: Same as 1 – 4 backwards in ballroom direction. With the 12th step again half a turn to each other, now facing ballroom direction.

Bar 9 –10: Now partners dance round common axis cw with 6 steps (boy runs forward, girl backward). With the 6th step half a turn to each other changing direction.

Bar 11-12: Partners continue dancing round common axis cw with 6 steps (now boy runs backward and girl forward). With the 6th step a quarter turn to face each other.

Bar 13-14: Dropping left hands boy twirls partner twice cw under his lifted right arm. He steps lightly in position.

Bar 15: Boy turns once ccw under his own right arm, while girl steps lightly in position (rlr).

Bar 16: Both turning into starting position (in ballroom direction) boy stamps on 1st beat with right foot, on 2nd beat with left foot and stops with weight on both feet on 3rd beat, while girl steps lrl.

As many repetitions as liked, but take into account that this is a rather exhausting dance.


Body should stay upright during the bars 1-12. Feet tread not on the balls, but nearly on whole soles. Neither head nor arms should sway or bob. The movement should flow smoothly with the direction of the dance. The flexing of the knee according to Mazurka rhythm is never accompanied by a proper stamp. The dance was noted in Montan, a small village in the Etsch-valley , South Tyrol.


  • Herbert Lager, Österr.Tänze, 2.Teil, Nr.11
  • Translated by Sissy Banner, Amstetten/NÖ., Austria




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