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Kaiserlandler (Kaiser Landler)


Unlimited number of pairs in circle facing ballroom direction, short arm hold (inside hands joined in breast height)


Walking steps throughout


Bar 1 – 16: Promenade, both beginning with left foot

Bar 17 – 20: Raised Arm Turn cw.: Partners turn to each other and also join free hands. Both their right arms are stretched in breast height, both their left elbows bent sharply, so that they stand left side to left side. In this position they turn around their common axis.

Bar 21 – 24: Raised Arm Turn ccw.: Now their left arms are stretched and right elbows bent, right to right side

Bar 25 – 28: Circle round girl cw.: Now the boy lifts his right and girl’s left hand above her head, dropping the other hands. While he spins the girl several times ccw., he walks around her, once cw.

Bar 29 – 32: Circle round girl ccw.: Change of hands, same as 25-28 in reverse


Bar 1 - 16: Promenade, no joined hands,

Bar 1 – 8: Boys clap hands on 1st and 3rd beat

Bar 9 – 16: Some of the boys “double” the claps by clapping hands on 2nd and 4th beat, if wanted as a mixer, now girls move forward to next partner

Bar 17 – 32: As above

As many repetitions as liked.


The walking steps should be light and short, body upright and steady.

The origin of its name could not be found, so I do not translate it. The word Kaiser means emperor, but is also a common surname.



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