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There are two forms of this dance. Usually each form is danced four times alternatively.

Form 1


unlimited number of pairs in circle facing ballroom direction, arms crossed behind backs; girl’s left arm over boy’s right arm; hands joined right in right and left in left in waist.


Bar 1: two “step-close-jumps” straight forward; on 1st and 3rd beat landing on outside feet, close on 2nd and 4th beat with inside feet, always on the 1st quaver (eighth note) of the beat.

Bar 2: Cross tip step (Kreuztupfschritt or Schottischer)

While inside feet do three little hop steps in position, outside feet tip twice on ball(once on 1st beat crossing over inside feet, once on 2nd beat slantwise forward to the outside), close on 3rd beat (on whole sole) and rest on 4th beat (weight on inside feet).

Bar 3: Partners turn cw round their common axis with 4 running steps beginning with outside feet, boy running forwards, girl backwards. The hold in waist should be fairly tight.

Bar 4: Cross tip step, as bar 2

A help might be the command: jump close jump and cross tip step, turn around and cross tip step (four times)

Form 2


two concentric circles, partners facing each other (boy inside, girl outside), right hands joined in waist height


Bar 1: 2 chassays in ballroom direction (side step – close, side step – close)

Bar 2: Cross tip step (as above; same feet), towards partner (mirror image)

Bar 3: Dropping hands, each partner turns once around own axis with four steps (boy beginning left ccw and girl beginning right cw); then they join right hands again.

Bar 4: Cross tip step, as bar 2


side close side and cross tip step, turn around and cross tip step (four times)

As many repetitions as liked (two recommended), ending with AA (form 1), which is: AABBCCDDAABBCCDDAA


Puchberg is a village in the Alpine part of Lower Austria on the foot of the Schneeberg (south from Vienna). Similar Schottische were also found in the Burgenland, which is a neighbouring region.


  • Herbert Lager, Österr.Tänze, 2.Teil, Nr.3
  • Translated by Sissy Banner, Amstetten/NÖ., Austria


Here is a MP3.


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