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(New Bavarian Dance, short version)


Pairs in circle facing ballroom direction, hands joined, arms hanging


Step-close-step, stamping, clapping and waltz


Bar 1: Beginning with outside feet both partners dance forward with a step-close-step swaying arms forward and looking slightly away from each other.

Bar 2: Same with inside feet swaying arms backward and looking at each other

Bar 3 - 4: On 1st beat one step forward and stop; swaying arms less forward . On 3rd beat both stamp with inside feet and on 1st beat of bar 4 with outside feet. On 3rd beat arms are swung back and weight put on inside feet .

Bar 5 – 8: Same as 1 – 4, but instead of stamping clap hands twice

Bar 9 – 12: Joined arms lifted above heads, the dancer twirls his partner cw in front and to the right of him while he continues walking forward with step-close-steps. At the end of bar 12 the girl has done two and a half revolutions and does not yet face ballroom direction.

Bar 13: Lowering arms again and swaying them forward in one flow, the dancer gets with the 1st step-close-step beside his partner and sways arms forward whereas his partner is turned into ballroom direction.

Bar 14 - 16: As 2 – 4

Bar 17 - 32: Waltzing with smoothly tread waltz steps, usually closed dance hold, ballroom hold is accepted.

Usually three times repeated from the beginning.


Be careful about the music. There exists a longer Version with 36 bars, where bars 1 - 8 are played again. In this case you also have to repeat the second clapping.


  • R. Zoder, Österr.Volkstänze, 1.Teil, Nr.1
  • Translated by Sissy Banner, Amstetten, NÖ., Austria



  • Here is a MP3 from Dancilla.


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