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Shepherd’s girl


Pairs in ballroom hold, unlimited number


Two step polka (Zweischrittdreher)


Bar 1: On 1st beat, outside feet tip forward once and step back to position on 3rd beat, whereas partners are not quite parallel but slightly forming a V.

Bar 2: Same with inside feet; whereas the dancers are almost facing ballroom direction

Bar 3 - 4: Partners face each other and dance round twice with 4 steps

This is repeated until the music stops playing.


For beginners it is recommended to do only one turn with 4 steps concentrating on achieving the correct position needed for the next set at the end of the 4th bar.

This dance was noted several times in Austria and Bavaria. There exist a lot of variations, like the one of the Ramsau, a place in Styria on the foot of the Dachstein.



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