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Bavarian Polka


pairs in circle facing ballroom direction, hands free


step close step and two step polka (Zweischrittdreher)


Bar 1: Turning away from each other partners dance one step-close-step slantwise forward, boys to the left, girls to the right (outside feet begin).

Bar 2: Turning towards each other, step-close-step towards each other with inside feet.

Bar 3 – 4: Partners now facing each other take preferably closed dance hold, or ballroom hold, and dance round twice with 4 steps. (“closed dance hold” = girl’s arms on partner’s shoulders, his arms round her back) For beginners it is recommended to do only one turn with 4 steps.

This is repeated until the music stops playing


To the whim of the moment, instead of the step-close-steps either only the boy or both dancers can turn around themselves once while going apart. The boys do the turn with two steps and then come back again with two steps, while the girls spin round with three little steps and return with the usual step-close-step.


The command is: “go apart – and retire – dance around”

You often will find the spelling “Boarischer “ used for this dance. There exist a lot of variations of this dance, usually named after the village where it was noted.


The above given basic version sometimes is also danced as a mixer. Then the caller gives the command “füri gehts” (go forward) when the boys turn away from partner. After having turned back and danced once more with own partner, from next repetition onward the boys do not return to their partner but go to the next girl during the step-close-step on 2nd bar. The changing of partners goes on until the command “Dahoam bleibn (stay at home) is given. Again it is only obeyed during the next repetition. Then the dance is continued with the new partner.

Just for Fun (Rudenboarischer)

Sometimes all sorts of commands are given to the boys, like clap hands once or twice, or stamp feet once, twice or three times, kneel down, shout certain words, which need a certain answer etc., for example: command “Salzburgian”, answer in next set: “moo”, or “make a pause”, answer: “coca cola”. The command is given when the boys turn away from partner and done in the next set instead or during the step-close-step on the 1st bar towards the centre of the circle. On 2nd bar they have to advance to their partner again to be well on time for the two step polka. One challenging command is “altogether”, then the boys have to stamp, clap and whoop at the same time.


  • Lager/Derschmidt, Österr.Tänze, 1.Teil, Nr.10
  • Translated by: Sissy Banner, Amstetten, NÖ., Austria



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